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The BeatSeat Origin Story...

Everyone likes to know where a good idea comes from, mine came from 10 years of hard work singing and playing on stages all over with my live looping one man show. The only detail I couldn't produce was percussion so I would beatbox or proceed to really slap on my guitar while playing to get some percussion into the rhythm.

After retiring I still continued to play for about a year, I had a monthly residency performing a Duo show and my drummer could not make one of the shows. He had been backing me up on this instrument I hadn't seen much of prior called the Cajon. So naturally being a carpenters son I decided to build a cajon for myself so I could kick it during the show just to get maybe a little bass beat in the background.

Once I had completed my own custom cajon I realized in moments that there was just no way to access it as a guitar player because the Cajon is literally underneath you. The BeatSeat just appeared in my mind in that moment. Well.., what about something that comes through your legs so you can comfortably sit and maybe it should be shaped more like a horse, wider at the back and narrow at the front.

Voila, just like that I drew out the initial design and began building and tweaking my designs until I came to the final solution, The BeatSeat. I have a full design and utility patent and now we are taking this baby to the market!

So, if you are a player and you want to differentiate from every other musician out there, Get your BeatSeat and be a BoxStar!!

For the full circle, here is what led my mind led to The BeatSeat.

- Mark Pires

(203) 913-6761

The BeatSeat™️

Fairfield, CT, USA

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