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The BeatSeat - Now You Can Play With Your Hands and Feet!

There are many different percussion instruments out there but there is only one BeatSeat!

Every other percussion instruments allow use of only your hands but only The BeatSeat was designed to allow a player to use both their hands as well as both their feet!

This is revolutionary! As a musician the one thing we all strive for is differentiation. We want to stand out and have fans take note of whatever we are doing with our craft. When everything appears the same on the surface, you inevitably get caught up with everyone and everything else. Unless you can hit someone in the gut with something Original. Like a percussionist going nuts with their entire body on The BeatSeat.

We have all seen a guy or gal on a cajon or playing a Djembe or a singer songwriter with his or her guitar strumming and singing along. The common response from a club or nightclub is the crowd begins trying to talk over the music. All of this changes when you perform with The BeatSeat. As a percussionist you now have the ability to create a wall of sound to fill within the music, hands and feet working in unison achieving something that has never been possible. You can play The BeatSeat like a drum kit!!

The BeatSeat is wider at the back and narrow at the front which is also a main ingredient to my utility and design patent. an you can sit totally upright, hit the sides with both hands/brushes and both feet, on the front snare panel.

The BeatSeat also has what I like to call OmniTone. No matter where you hit The BeatSeat you will hear a different tone/pitch, allowing you to simulate drum rolls and achieve differentiation in what you can do next with your brushes or your hands.

I will be having some additional percussion players sit on The BeatSeat and show you what is possible.

Remember to tag us with your best BeatSeat clips @BeatSeatDrum and we will showcase your amazing abilities with The BeatSeat to the world!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

(203) 913-6761

The BeatSeat™️

Fairfield, CT, USA

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