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Looping on The BeatSeat: Creating That Full Band Sound!

So, you just purchased your very first BeatSeat and the excitement and anticipation is beginning to present itself. You start visualizing that specific moment you reach BoxStar status! That moment when your confidence reaches a level where you can floor any venue with just your guitar, your favorite loop pedal and your trusty BeatSeat.

Below is a photograph of my original BeatSeat prototypes along with my live effects pedal setup. Just so you have an idea of how I use the BeatSeat to create amazing live loops to create that complete band sound.

From the right, my live setup consists of an EQ Pedal that offers extra gain for my guitar solos over the top once the loops are complete, I have a Super Chorus, Blues Driver, Phase Shifter, Digital Delay, Moog Envelope Filter, the JamMan Loop Station which takes my GigBox and Guitar feed for all beginning loops, Volume Pedal and then my absolute favorite toy/pedal The Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer which allows me to turn my guitar into the most realistic sounding instruments, Trumpet, Steel Drums, Sitar, Piano, the list goes on and on. You see where I am going with this?

So, lets fast forward. You are in the middle of playing your favorite song, you take four bars and roll them into your loop station, Guitar and The BeatSeat. Now this is where you have a decision to make, does the guitar and single kick and snare combo you have created give you enough of a backing to cycle through your pedals and start jamming? The simple answer is yes it will sound great but my suggestion is to take the next four or eight bars to jam with the brushes or a combo of brushes/hands to create additional texture to the loop before getting to the goodness.. Below I have included a video of both potential loop options. In the first section I am jamming over the single guitar and BeatSeat loop, I then drop the guitar and grab the brushes to start adding some additional flavor to the loop. The clip fast forwards to me back with my guitar but now you can hear me jamming over the full loop, Guitar, original BeatSeat loop and a second percussion layer. From this point the sky is the limit for you. I just decided to use the Blues Driver and Delay and get into it but I will add new videos in the coming weeks that show really intricate loops layered with lots of BeatSeat and the Synth. I will compose a loop that sounds like a 13 piece band for you!

What you have to remember at this moment is these entire loops fall apart without The BeatSeat. Coming from a former MTV Music Artist that traveled the country for 10 years performing a live looping show sitting on uncomfortable seats at every single venue (another huge BeatSeat feature.. never search for a comfortable seat again!) The one thing that I remember always cringing about was I was creating so much music with my pedals but it was always missing percussion, if I wanted to have backing I would have to either hire a drummer/percussionist or what I actually ended up doing since I was a solo act was beatbox.

Now, I don't know about you but no matter how good you are at beatboxing, when you have all of this amazing instrumentation going on beatboxing just doesn't feel authentic to the sound that is being produced by the actual instruments.

This is why I believe you will also come to realize that the invention of The BeatSeat is the solution to every musicians problems.

Being able to sit comfortably at any venue, percussionists now have an instrument that they can play with their hands and their feet! Singer Songwriters no longer need to hire a drummer or percussionist! I think considering typical pay is minimal around the circuit this could be massive for you, not only will you be differentiating from every single artist out there but when you are a BoxStar you can play any show alone and collect 100% of every gig!

Having done the same things you are doing for my entire career, I believe with everything that I am that investing in your performance will be the best business decision you ever make. Invest in change first before like our current YouTube, before you know it the live music scene will be absolutely saturated with solo musicians that have morphed into BoxStars!

Once you get going, tag us @beatseatdrum for consideration to be added to our BoxStars page!

Get your BeatSeat and Be a BoxStar!!

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Fairfield, CT, USA

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