When you’ve designed the first drum for Guitarists it only seems natural to have a BeatSeat that looks exactly like your favorite guitar!


The BeatSeat is the drum you play with your hands and feet! BeatSeat is a revolutionary percussion drum that features unlimited tones (OmniTone) and an extremely comfortable playing position. Sitting upright you can access the four playable panels with your hands and feet. The BeatSeat is a complete Drum Kit in a box.


Each BeatSeat is Handbuilt in the USA using our patented design specifications. Crafted out of various species of plywoods each BeatSeat has two independent snares. One snare wire is installed under the front 9”x10” panel with two 1/8’’ screws.

The factory set position for the feet is with the snare installed on the left side panel. This snare is installed in a set position with two 1/8’’ screws for light adjustment if needed.

Both side panels are 20”x22” providing a wide range of tones to access.


The BeatSeat is extremely versatile and the sound it creates will appeal to any audiophile. You can access all the panels with your hands but the best use and function is using both feet along with your hands to create a drum kit sound.


The size of the drum allows for an extremely low end bass response. You have the ability to create drum rolls with the BeatSeat. Working your hands around the front snare gives you many additional tones including Tom Tom’s and a full range of snare tones.

The BeatSeat produces warm bass tones and an unlimited range of color depending on where you strike it.


The BeatSeat is also extremely easy to travel with. Weighing 9-12 lbs depending on wood species. Each BeatSeat also features Grab and Go bar in the back through the sound port for easy transport.


The BeatSeat –A Full Body Rhythm Experience.

12” (W) x 20’’ (H) x 22’’ (D)

BeatSeat™️ White Oak Sunburst