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BeatSeat Plus Jr. Full Spectrum Sensory Drums
  • BeatSeat Plus Jr. Full Spectrum Sensory Drums

    The BeatSeat Duo Deal, order a Full Sized BeatSeat & BeatSeat Jr. you models can be delivered as pictured in our Building Blocks colors for any special needs individual, It's a teaching tool as well! or you can order them Sunburst in Cherry or Tobacco, or in its Natural Maple lacquered finish.


    Our patented utility and design and shape is where we get all of our unique tones and vibrational effects!


    If your BeatSeat is out of stock it will be hand built on order. Please allow 4 weeks for construction, dye and clear coat. We will keep you updated as your BeatSeat moves through each stage until it ships..

      $1,000.00 Regular Price
      $550.00Sale Price