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  • How Do You Play The BeatSeat?
    The easiest way to play the BeatSeat is to wear shoes that have a rubber sole. Place your toes against the two side panels. Use the balls of your feet like a hinge to turn your heels into the sides of the BeatSeat. Your hands can easily access the center panel. Remember the BeatSeat is a powerful acoustic percussion drum, the more you practice and explore the various tones, the better you will get.
  • Is the BeatSeat heavy?
    No! The BeatSeat ranges between 12-15 lbs depending on the woods. There is a "grab and go" bar through the back sound hole. When you finish playing you can grab and go comfortably while carrying your guitar or other main instrument in the other hand!
  • Isn't the BeatSeat just a Cajon?
    5 Reasons Why The BeatSeat is a Cajon on Steroids. 1. Four playable panels, 2. two snares 3. The First Drum With Full Drum Kit Tones, we call it "OmniTone" 4. Sit completely upright while you play 5. Play with your hands and feet at the same time
  • How long will it take for my BeatSeat order to arrive?
    Your BeatSeat order will arrive approximately two weeks after the order is placed. During the first week, your custom BeatSeat materials will be sourced, allowing for your BeatSeat to start its construction process. At the beginning of the second week, your BeatSeat will be fully built, and the shipping process will begin. BeatSeat delivers using UPS Ground, which has a delivery time of three-to-five business days.
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