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The Only Full Body Drum Experience: Play With Your Hands & Feet

4 Playable Panels, 2 Different Snares and Hand Built In America

Grammy® Winner H.E.R
performs on her Custom BeatSeat ®
Photo Credit: NAACP Awards 2020

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BeatSeat Sensory Therapy Full Spectrum Drum

Introducing the BeatSeat - the most powerful drum ever created for musicians and those with a special need!

The only full body sensory therapy drum each panel with its own vibrant color, making it the perfect tool for teaching and connecting with others. With its ergonomic patented design and unlimited vibrational tones, the BeatSeat is sure to connect you to your loved one like never before. Color coded design allows Music Therapists and Occupational Therapists to create a custom educational curriculum for your patients or child. 


No Chairs Needed, The BeatSeat Has It All

Upgrade your drumming experience with BeatSeat - the most powerful sensory drum that provides unlimited vibrational effects. With BeatSeat, you can sit completely upright while accessing all 4 playable panels.

Imagine setting up a circle of BeatSeats and getting ready to jam! Say goodbye to traditional chairs and hello to the future of full body drumming with BeatSeat. Order a room of junior BeatSeats and a few adult models and you are ready to connect!

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BeatSeat Full Body Sensory Drum Circles

Our music therapy sessions are designed to help individuals of all ages and abilities. Through the use of BeatSeat percussion, Create a safe and supportive environment for self-expression and emotional healing. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, improve communication skills, or enhance cognitive abilities, our music therapy sessions can help you achieve your goals. Inquire for a BeatSeat connection circle., How many drums do you need? DM us dates you are looking to fill at  we can provide a quote for the service.


BeatSeat Sensory Educational Curriculum

The BeatSeat is an innovative tool that offers unlimited opportunities for anyone with special needs to play but also to learn. With its colorful panels, it allows patients or children to begin with simple connection questions ranging from "Can you show me which part of the BeatSeat is your favorite color? Or, Ok everyone can you find and hit the color Red?

We at BeatSeat are excited to be working on an educational curriculum for you to incorporate into your daily connections. the BeatSeat is designed to enhance the learning experience for all users.

New Arrivals

BeatSeat ® Live Looping Demonstration

beatseat 2.png

You're BeatSeat is Custom Built out of hand sourced woods. Please Allow Up To 2 Weeks For Your Handmade BeatSeat to be created, Spray finished & shipped! 


ABOUT BeatSeat®

In 2011 Mark Pires invented the BeatSeat out of necessity.

A one man band lacking percussion and a comfortable seat.

Mark solved both problems with The BeatSeat!

The first patented drum that allows you to sit comfortably upright while you play with your hands and feet! Later we learned the power of Sensory Therapy Drums and connected the BeatSeat, the most powerful drum on Earth!


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