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The BeatSeat™ is a drum for guitarists and for drummers to play with both hands and feet.   The Beat Seat is also an extremely powerful sensory therapy drum for any individuals with a special need. Music therapists and parents will find the BeatSeat offers a new way to connect.

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It’s a family affair..jpe

The BeatSeat™ makes it's debut at the Blue Note NYC! 

WFSB 3 CT - 5/1/19

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We are


BeatSeat ™ - Acoustic Beats with your Hands and Feet.

It’s a family affair..jpe

Hand Crafted - Quality First

Your BeatSeat is One of a Kind!

Each BeatSeat™ is custom built. Your BeatSeat is built to our patented specs and handcrafted with locally sourced materials right here in the USA! 

Attention Drummers and Solo Musicians!

The BeatSeat is easy to transport and also has the additional benefit of being a comfortable seat.

On The BeatSeat™ you no longer need accessories to create a drum kit show.

The possibilities are endless!

H.E.R. Live at NAACP Awards on BeatSeat ™ 

H.E.R. Drummer Carrington Brown on BeatSeat ™


Unlock Your Potential

The BeatSeat™ was designed as a drum for musicians but it has proven to be an extremely powerful sensory therapy drum for individuals with special needs. Not only does it bring enjoyment but we have seen walls come down moments after an autistic child sat down to play the BeatSeat for the first time. That it when we knew there is a much greater need than just musicians looking to differentiate their performance. 

On the BeatSeat ™ you are only limited by your imagination! 

ANYONE can be a BeatSeat BoxStar!


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